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From The Principal,

The school year is flying by as we are down to just seven more weeks. Though our time is dwindling, we still have much to do and accomplish prior to summer break. The remaining seven weeks will be crucial in helping ensure mastery of grade level content. I am a huge proponent of students taking part in extracurricular activities and I’m thrilled our students are once again “busy.” Such activities develop motor skills, social skills, and assist greatly in the overall development of well-rounded children. With busier evenings, I do want to stress the importance, and also ask for your help in continuing to set aside a daily time to read and reinforce the weekly skills being taught in the classroom. Your child’s teacher will continue to encourage your child to give his or her best effort and focus on the connection between giving great effort and seeing great results. We are grateful for your partnership and appreciate all you do to help your child find success! If we can assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

~Mrs. Isaacs

West Virginia General Summative Assessment

The West Virginia General Summative Assessment is administered yearly to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders near the conclusion of the school year. Testing will begin with fourth graders next week. We ask that you avoid checking your student out for appointments during testing.

4th Grade    April 19-21

5th Grade    April 26-29

3rd Grade    May 3-5

3rd-4th Grade Virtual Students    May 10-12

5th Grade Virtual Students    May 10-13

Please see that your child:

· Gets to bed early

· Eats breakfast

· Comes to school with a charged I-Pad and charger

Out of Zone Requests for 2021-2022

Parents, please remember that any student attending Scott Teays Elementary school as an ‘out of zone’ student must re-apply each school year. When space is available for out of zone students, they are accepted on a first come, first-serve basis. Acceptance does not automatically renew and please note that students may be ‘bumped’ to their home school at any time during the year should overcrowding become an issue. Forms can be obtained on the Putnam County Board of Education website or at the school office. Out of zone approvals are finalized in August.

Kindergarten Registration

Know an eligible kindergartener who missed registration? Please encourage them to call the school office at 304-757-7279.

 Summer Programs

Registration for summer programming (SOLE- Student Opportunities for Learning and Engagement) is open until April 23. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please register before the deadline. Information can be found on the PCS Website or call the school for more information.

Food Collection

The Putnam County Homecoming Committee is once again asking schools to collect food to benefit the residents of Putnam County. Food pantries have been busier than ever throughout the pandemic and continue to be in great need of non-perishable items for Putnam County residents. We will have a food collection on Wednesday, April 28 and encourage all students to wear their class shirts.